Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct

Arizona Law provides that the crime of Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct is committed when a person, with intent, commits acts that tend to disturb a neighborhood, a person or a family, thereby creating great inconvenience and discomfort for the victims and their families.

This crime may be committed by acts such as fighting, making unreasonable noise(s), using abusive, offensive or foul language against another, creating commotions to prevent the lawful acts of another, refusal to obey a lawful order, reckless handling of deadly weapons as well as dangerous instruments and other acts that tend to disturb the peace of other persons.

Under Arizona Law, there are specific disorderly conducts that will be considered as Class 1 misdemeanor, while there are other acts which will be considered as a Class 6 felony. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the penalties may range from probation, imprisonment, imposition of fines and restitution of damages.

In some cases, the jail sentence may range from 30-180 days, unless probation has been approved by the court. However, the latter can only be made possible if the proper plea bargaining tactics and legal strategies have been utilized accordingly.

Those who are found guilty of committing Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct will be subjected to domestic violence counseling on a regular basis, or as required by the court and a chance that he or she will be prohibited from owning a firearm or any other dangerous weapon during the course of his or her lifetime.

According to legal experts, the charge or case of Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct may also be dispensed with if the person charged or accused with the crime opts to attend a diversion program instead of serving jail time. This will mean attending anger management classes and domestic violence cases instead of being tried for the crime he committed. However, this will require approval from the court.

In light of the consequences brought about by this offense, a person charged must seek the legal assistance of an Arizona Lawyer immediately. This is in order to protect his rights under the law, and to ensure that all the details of the case are used accordingly, for the furtherance of the truth and so that real justice is met.