Arizona DUI Endangerment

In Phoenix, DUI charges can lead to severe penalties. One additional charge that may be imposed when a person is stopped for DUI is endangerment. This charge can be added if you were stopped for DUI in Arizona and someone else was in the vehicle with you at the time. Endangerment is a class six felony charge, and it is often added as a separate count in many DUI cases.

Felony endangerment charges can result in a minimum of a year in prison!

In order for an endangerment charge to be added to a DUI charge, the driver must have been operating the vehicle in a reckless manner which could endanger others with risk of imminent death or personal injury. If you have a minor under the age of 15 in the car, the charge may be elevated aggravated DUI.

In some instances, the addition of the endangerment charge is warranted, but it is not all that uncommon for some prosecutors to add an endangerment charge if they feel their DUI case is weak. When charges of endangerment are added to DUI charges, it is in the best interest of the accused to work with an experienced Phoenix DUI defense lawyer. Your attorney may be able to have the felony charges of endangerment reduced to a misdemeanor or even dismissed completely.

The importance of avoiding this felony charge conviction cannot be understated. This is the type of conviction that can follow you around for years, if not for life. It can affect your future ability to get employment and can also affect others aspects of your life. You have a right to fight these charges in court and this is why having an experienced DUI defense attorney working on your behalf is so crucial. Do not try to challenge these charges on your own! Get legal help!